Blocked Gully Cleaning

Servicing gullies, we have the technology and capability to vacuum out waste that has been left to accumulate.  Our engineers are committed to providing a service where appropriate solutions are found and implemented.

Our Gully services

  • Cleaning & Emptying of Gully's
  • Gully Maintenance
  • Specialist Jet Vac Tanker Fleet
  • Emptying & cleaning across London & South East of England
  • Working for both domestic and commercial customers

Why choose us?

Hydro Cleansing Limited are one of the UK's leading gully emptying service providers.  We have worked in partnership with local authorities, construction companies and private clients throughout London, the South East and the South.  We are extremely experienced at Gully cleaning in all types of geographical environments and through this experience we have developed and refined our operations to a standard few can match.

After gully cleaning and assessing the internal conditions, we will use high pressure water jets to test that it is fully functional to make sure each one is working properly and there are no further issues.

What's a Gully?

Gully's are ground level drains which are designed to discharge water.  They consist of a concrete pot positioned under the road surface with an iron gate visible from the road.  The idea of a gully, is that you have a trapped receptacle in which only water can pass through, however waste products such as soil, leaves, rubbish and even rodents can also get caught in these gully's and can sometimes block pipes, preventing the free flow of water to the main sewer.

For more information about our gully services, please contact one of our friendly staff.