Our Services

Hydro cleansing is well known for cleansing in difficult and dangerous environments so we have taken up the lead to ensure public safety is our top priority. Disinfectng offices, hospitals, schools and all other potentially contaminated spaces.
Hydro Cleansing has been working flat out to develop effect solutions for cleansing COVID-19 virus on surfaces. We are proud to be supporting the NHS, carehomes and business in general in their efforts to halt the spread of the corona virus.

Hydro Cleansing are at the forefront for managing and maintaining the UK drainage system from residential issues to facilities and corporate maintenance programmes.
We have solutions for blocked toilets, sinks, through to stack pipes, manholes and main line sewer channels, with a vast range of solutions available Hydro Cleansing can guarantee an effective solution.
When it comes to pressure jetting Hydro Cleansing raises the benchmark with our equipment scaling from portable high pressure jets, to our large HGV units with a comprehensive range of site access solutions.
These large intrusive lumps of Fat, Wet Wipes and Sewage waste are formed in London sewer systems causing major blockage. Hydro Cleansing vest range of water jetting technology is capable of breaking down large quantities of Fatbergs with quick turnovers.
Trap separators can cause major damage to a hot food premises drainage system. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1991 a duty of care should be taken when disposing waste such as fats, grease and oil. Hydro Cleansing have a wide range of services and maintenance solutions to ensure businesses their waste removal process is compliant efficient and affordable.

Hydro cleansing steam cleaner is capable of rectifying all residues of dirt and chemical intrusion with low and high pressure solutions available, we can ensure brick restoration, pathway cleaning driveways cleaning, and walls receive effective results with maximum satisfaction.
Hydro Cleansing’s Mega – Sweep road sweeper is renowned for its high performance safety features. The Mega-Sweep manoeuvres like no other, its adjustable arms make for intricate cleaning for servicing various infrastructures and sites. We hold the highest safety accreditation to enable us to work in the capital.
Almost all landfall sites are affected by leachate, this is the process in which rainfall is collected at the base of landfill sites and mixes creating liquor contain a range of contaminants this waste can range in toxicity and prove quite hazardous to the environment. Leachate must be disposed of in the correct manner which is why we at Hydro Cleansing pride ourselves on have a catalogue of solutions in collecting, managing and the disposal of leachate waste.
For complete Graffiti removal you need professionals, state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly execution to deliver the best results. Hydro Cleansing’s Mega -Heat jetting encompasses high pressurised water, through the latest heat technology with maximum preservation.
There are no boundaries to our capabilities. When road signs become neglected to the environmental elements we can ensure the ultimate cleaning solution.
We take our environmental care seriously, we have comprehensive waste disposal process for the debris, pollutant, and hazardous waste whether planned or reactive, we are committed to providing a safer environment from water air and land contamination.
The environmental cleaning division at Hydro Cleansing is responsible for delivering fast responsive services that offer a range of comprehensive solutions for all environmental needs.

Drainage problems will need resolving appropriately. CCTV provides the best solution, with a variety of comprehensive Surveys to suit your needs.
Our surveys make thorough assessments of all types of drainage systems. With the world’s most superior recording equipment, our CCTV Mega – Cams delve into your drain giving you and our engineers the best possible response to drainage issues.
We are experts in Drain Lining, our no dig option allows us to tend to damaged drainage pipes without the need to replace or excavate. Pipes are restored to operational use with immediate effect.

We help to ensure that the nations waste water infrastructure flows in the best way possible, by providing the best maintenance and cleaning services. No project is too large as our advanced fleet of tankers and machinery can deal with all sewer and drainage systems. We work across a variety of sectors and industries.
Full service sewer maintenance and cleaning 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Hydro Cleansing are capable of carrying our repairs, maintenance and servicing all UK soakaways. Our leading cleaning technology and methodical approach will provide you with a full site analysis fast efficient maintenance and rigorous testing.
We have the capabilities to vacuum the waste from gullies emptying and cleaning for both domestic and commercial clients.
Our experience in cleaning and maintaining cesspit and septic tanks means that we can provide a professional full range of services to domestic, commercial and industrial clients.
Designed to prevent polluting our water and sewage systems, interceptors must be installed serviced and maintained correctly failing this can result in penalty fines or in some case prosecution. Hydro Cleansing specialist engineer equipped with leading technology ensure the duty of care is carried out with tests diligently to keep interceptors clean, complete, and compliant.
We are specialists in servicing culverts, with a fully trained team of expert engineers to treat the problems of culvert blockages effectively and efficiently.
The continuous maintenance of pump stations is vital to sustain the UK underground drainage system. When pump station go down they can cause and entire system to back up creating wide blockages. Hydro Cleansings fast response and expert pump engineers are equipped well enough to maintain and resolve all pump station issue.

Our Wet Waste Management services comprise of a number of different materials that we can process onsite. We continually strive to ensure that our practices encompass the most environmentally friendly waste management methods, this enable us to send only 1% of total tonnage of waste to landfill.
We have a proven track record of successful drilling waste management projects. Using our high specification tankers we can remove all types of drilling slurry from site.
Weather it be hazardous or non-hazardous liquid waste we provide a professional, reliable, fast response service to ensure that liquid waste is disposed of safely and quickly. Should you require bulk removal and disposal, our capabilities make us fully equipped to remove liquid waste.
We can ensure the safe and non - toxic removal, recycling and disposal of industrial and commercial oil tanks, with minimal HSE risks and maximal efficiency. Decommissioning of oil tanks from above ground or below ground will require a qualified and specialist team with the correct equipment to deal with all types of oil tanks.
We streamline our environmental solutions to cleaning industrial sites for each project, aiming to meet the requirements of our clients. Our vehicles and machinery used to carry out our cleaning is incomparable, therefore allowing us to have a wide range of industrial cleaning services to offer.
This process involves the removal of earth and drilling waste through high pressure jetting techniques using a vacuum and jetting hose. For concrete cutting or hydro – demolition works this can be the best excavation method.

Environmental and drainage problems that pose an immediate risk, necessitate an immediate response and solution. Emergencies can occur at any time, therefore with practical preparation and planning of resources we can assist you 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 365 days of the year.
We are renowned for delivering a full range of flood response services. We offer support in all stages of Flood emergency, from prevention to clean up. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days of the year.
Safety is at the forefront of our working practices. Our Confined Space capabilities are extensive. All our confined space engineers are fully trained and fully qualified. Our services consist of cleaning, entry and rescue as well as Top Man Cover.
Hydro Cleansings high specification bespoke tankers are the best, from our flagship tanker vehicle Megatron to our state of the art CCTV vehicles, any drainage or environmental problem can be resolved. Coming soon to our fleet - the world class Terminator Tanker. Our engineers are fully qualified to carry out all jobs required.
The Hydro – Cleansing Vacuum Tankers are available to hire for a wide range of services. They are ideal for a multitude of pumping projects. Our tankers have a large capacity in order to transport, treat and dispose of waste.