Oil Tank Removal Services

We offer complete services in oil tank removal, recycling and disposal.  Our professional and experienced oil tank decommissioning team, highly qualified in confined space work, are capable of removing oil tanks from below
ground, above ground and underground.

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Our services for oil tank removal include:

  • Transferring and recycling any remaining fuel oil to be taken
    away for recycling
  • Cleaning any remaining residue from the bottom of the tank
  • Cleaning and gas freeing of the tank
  • Removing the tank, either whole or cutting into sections for
    manual removal
  • Issuing certificates for gas freeing and waste transfer notes for
    the materials removed
Oil Tank Removal | Services | Hydro Cleansing Oil Tank Removal | Services | Hydro Cleansing Oil Tank Removal | Services | Hydro Cleansing Oil Tank Removal | Services | Hydro Cleansing

Stages of Oil Tank Removals

We have the expertise and dedication in attending to all stages of oil tank removals.  From initial inspections and health and safety risk assessments, through to the final implementation, we are committed and passionate about providing a bespoke service based on proficiency.  Whether it is diesel tanks, petrol tanks, domestic heating oil tanks or industrial sized heavy oil tanks, however big or small, understanding the needs of both the individual project
and the client is extremely important us.

Our Fleet of Tankers

Our highly advanced, fully compliant fleet of tankers are specialised to offer the safe removal, disposal and recycling of oils such as petrol, kerosene, paraffin, heavy oil and diesel. Our 24/7 emergency service means that we are available to immediate respond for any environmental problems including oil spills and floods.