Pump Station Services

Hydro Cleansing Limited offer unrivalled solutions in pump station maintenance, repair and servicing. Our work is undertaken by our experienced pump engineers who are trained and certified under Thames Water CP2 in confined space.

Our engineers are coupled with a large fleet of extremely powerful service vehicles that help tackle all kinds of pumping stations, from residential sump pumps to commercial sewage pumping stations.

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Pump Station Services

Pump stations are vital in transferring large volumes of waste or surface water from one point to another. When a pump station becomes overwhelmed with waste or gets blocked, it can cause flooding of foul waste that can cause damage to property, surrounding areas and also lead to serious health risks.

Hydro Cleansing's drainage engineers are fully trained and qualified to carry out all aspects of our pump station services of any type of pump stations such as from large scale sewers to sump pumps and storage tanks. Our services pump station services include (but not limited to):

  • Pump station emptying
  • Pump station cleaning
  • Pump station de-greasing
  • Pump station maintenance
  • Pump station repair

Hydro Cleansing regularly work in partnership with; Housing Associations and Trusts. We also carry out various work within locations such as tunnels, sewage treatment works, hospitals, schools and commercial premises.

Pump Station Cleaning - Main Line Sewer London

Pump Station Maintenance Legislation

In July 2011, new legislation changes were passed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for the Private sewer transfer regulations: this was a two part process;

1. Sewerage companies would become responsible for private sewers/drains from 1 October 2011

2. Sewerage companies will become responsible for private pumping stations from 1 October 2016, which meet the eligibility criteria.

Further to the passed law, all newly built private pumping stations would need to abide and adopt Hydro Cleansing Ltd or any relevant sewerage company to have responsibility of their pump stations’ accumulated waste.

If you own a private pumping station and notice this transfer regulation after 1 October 2016, please contact us now and we will be able to develop it into a potentially eligible. Interested to know more about the private sewers transfer? Simply check here to learn more about the revolving pumping station issues.

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Before and After Pump Station Cleaning

Before and After Pump Station Maintenance

Pumping stations are also called lift stations, they contain pressure pumps and equipment that are designed to pump sewage and water to overcome resistance from one place to another. The pump station is generally positioned lower than the sewer system, meaning the pump is required to move the waste to the sewer.

If the pump fails, the process will cease, which can potentially cause floods, blockages and even an entire system breakdown on larger sites.

Pumps, like all forms of electro-mechanical appliances, require careful maintenance to make sure that they are always working. Regular servicing and maintenance ensures that there are no emergencies or disasters (such as floods) which could prove to be both costly and extremely disruptive compared to regular mainatenace.

Cresswell Pump Station

London's most beautiful pump station