Vacuum Tanker Hire

Our Tanker Rental Fleet

Why Choose Hydro Cleansing Tanker Rental?

Our specialised fleet of vacuum tankers and jetting and vacuum tankers range in capacity from 13,000 litres to 27,000 litres giving us a wide variety of industrial and environmental service capability. Hire jet vac tankers. sewage tankers, bulk or artic tankers that range in power from 1400cfm to 10000cfm. This huge range of capacities and power ratings means that we are able to complete projects as efficiently and quickly as possible, saving our client’s downtime, disruption and money.

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Tanker Hire Megatron from the most powerful vacuum tanker fleet in Europe

Megatron when you need power, lots of power

What Can't the Rest do?

Our Vacuum Tanker rental fleet includes Megatron and Terminator, our two flagship Vacuum tankers. They have capabilities that are unmatched in the United Kingdom and Europe. Sometimes when the tank or liquid waste is very deep or contains too much rubble or is too thick, these two beasts are the only solution available. Feel free to fact check with Scania for everyone making similar claims. We also have tank hire to assist site ground water management and ensure run off is caught before our tankers arrive.

Tanker Hire Terminator the most powerful vacuum tanker in Europe

When nothing else will do the job call in the Terminator

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On board Jetting

Our Jet Vac tankers have the additional use of an on board high pressure jetting unit, meaning it can carry out cleaning duties as well as having the primary function of a tanker.


We are also Certified Engineers.

All of our tankers are operated by highly experienced and fully certified engineers who ensure to promote maximum machine operational value and safety whilst extracting liquid waste at distances well over 100 metres, meaning all our work is completed as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Please call and speak to our staff for further information on all of our tanker services and for a fast, over the phone quote on our tanker hire rates.