Tunnel Cleaning

Hydro Cleansing Limited offer a multidiscipline, bespoke tunnel cleaning and maintenance service for any type of tunnel based work.  With high quality colour CCTV cameras and highly qualified and trained confined space engineers, we can access any type or sized tunnel, providing a fully comprehensive and efficient service.

Why choose us?

Hydro Cleansing and our team of highly trained confined space engineers have the experience and knowledge in dealing with any type of tunnel work.  Pollution, dirt, rubbish, calcium stalactites, algae and other debris can all build up within tunnels, threatening not only the structural integrity of the tunnel, but can also catalysing the risk of floods and blockages.

We aim to ensure that all our work is completed on time and within budget.  We offer free site visits to meet you, forecast and plan any job requirements.

Tunnel Cleaning & Maintenance projects

  • Fresh water pipe insulation
  • Installation of fixed lighting
  • Installation of temporary lighting
  • Removal of other hazardous and miscellaneous objects
  • De-scaling of tunnels
  • Removal of flood water
  • Installation of pumps
  • Installation and replacement of cabling
  • Cleaning of pump stations

Functions & uses

Tunnels have many functions and uses.  Whether they are used to transport sewage or telecommunication cables, providing critical facilities and utilities to communities, such as; broadband, fibre optic electricity and gas, we have the experience and capability in dealing with them all.  It is therefore imperative that these tunnels are regularly cleaned and serviced to avoid any disruptions to these everyday essential commodities.