Vacuum Excavation Service

Vacuum excavation is used to remove earth and drilling waste from a hole or trench on land.  Hydro Cleansing Limited's vehicles have the strength and capability to loosen land and concrete with the use of high pressure jetting units and then remove this debris through powerful suction pipes.  With over 300 metres of vacuum or jetting hose, we can access hard to reach regions with limited accessibility.

Why choose us?

By using pressurised water jets, we are able to provide a demolition service which is extremely precise in being able to cleanly cut through a concentrated area.  Contractors can be reassured that during hydro-demolition, any pipelines or utility lines which may be uncovered will not be damaged by this method.

Once this has been completed, high pressured vacuums are deployed to collect the loosened material and waste left from the excavation process.  This can either be back filled once the work is completed, or taken away in our tankers to be safely disposed of.  This method allows us to complete a project to the highest standards, making our work efficient, incurring fewer and shorter service interruptions.

Our Fleet

Our fleet include water jetting units of up to 45,000 psi (pounds per square inch) giving us ultra high pressure water jetting systems to undertake any type of hydro-demolition work.  As well as cutting through concrete, we can remove grout, refractory materials, resins and epoxies.

Concrete Cutting & Hydro-demolition

Hydro-demolition uses the technique of removing concrete using high pressure water jetting systems.  Hydro-demolition is an effective method of cutting through concrete without damaging the rebar, making it extremely effective and useful solution on construction sites.

Hydro-demolition is regularly used for traditional overlay work, but it also proves extremely effective for use in areas of deteriorated, delaminated or contaminated concrete surfaces.  Hydro-demolition increases the speed of concrete removal over traditional methods, can be removed at a depth of your specification, leaves reinforcements undamaged, does not damage exposed aggregates and reduces transmitted sound through the structure.  This method also produces a rough, irregular surface creating a perfect bond for new concrete.

Hydro-demolition is now recognised by structural engineers and consultants and the safest method of concrete cutting.  As it eliminates exposure of hand arm vibration and heavy lifting, it dramatically reduces the potential of injury to operators.  By using this method, dust pollution is eliminated and demolition can be completed much faster than conventional methods such as jack hammering.  As a result of this, other construction work can safely continue alongside hydro-demolition, reducing associated costs and downtime.