Vacuum Tanker Hire

Hydro Cleansing are equipped with an extensive range of vacuum tankers for hire; from 13,000 litres to some of the largest tankers in the world. Our flagship vehicle, Megatron, is a mobile plant which delivers unlimited waste disposal with un-paralleled efficiency. With 16 years’ experience, our vacuum tankers are fully accredited including FORS Silver compliant and our expert engineers are fully qualified and experienced.

What is a Vacuum Tanker?

A vacuum tankers operate using high pressure jetting, powerful vacuum suction and large tanks for removal of all types of wet waste. We can provide bulk tankers and fresh water tankers for jetting if the job has large amounts of waste or restricted access to water. From floods to the most complex wet waste issues Hydro Cleansing have never found a job we couldn’t do.

What can the vacuum tankers do?

The vacuum tankers available for hire are ideal for:

Vacuum tanker services have a broad range with different tankers are suited to different jobs. The variety of vacuum tankers and supporting tankers available for hire from the Hydro Cleansing fleet include:

  • Artic/Bulk units – with large tanks for simple removals
  • Combination Units – powerful vacuum and jetting units with 13,500 litre capacity
  • Jet Vac Tankers – powerful jetting and vacuum capability for medium scale job
  • Mini Combination Units - designed for restricted access
  • Super Combination Units – 3,500+CFM and capable of large scale work
  • Megatron - the most powerful vacuum tanker unit in Europe.

The high specification of all of the tankers means Hydro Cleansing completes work in half the time that our competitors do. We complete jobs which are beyond anybody else’s capabilities. We offer full the service, from free site visit and quote to certified and environmentally responsible waste disposal.

Our service is unique to you. Our experienced Account Managers are ready to provide expert advice. Call us now to discuss your requirements.

No job is too big or small. 24/7, we go the extra mile to resolve your problem.