Wet waste processing

Hydro Cleansing provide a state of the art solution for wet waste treatment and recycling solids after liquid removal. The site is based in Croydon so is well situated to provide liquid waste treatment to clients within the M25. As well as disposing of the waste we collect ourselves, the site is open to clients across the industry.

Road Sweeper Waste processing

Our solution for wet waste treatment allows us to legally dispose of all types of Road Sweeper Waste. This is good to know since road sweepings now require legal and documented disposal. The Croydon site is open to all and we welcome the great and the good as well as the lonesome sweeper operators equally.

Hydro Cleansing also offer a wide range of services proven to bring significant efficiencies to the wet waste treatment industry as a result of our capability to maximise material recovery and minimise waste volumes through environmentally responsible recycling.

Which wet waste is processed?

Our expertise and experience covers the processing of a wide range of materials including:

Check our EWC codes here.

Hydro Cleansing send upto 1% of the total tonnage brought into our yard to landfill.

Our sludge and slurry screening, dewatering and classification equipment brings a new approach to waste water treatment processes.

Water quality management during processing is very important to efficiently recycle the maximum possible volume of water.

Efficient water management not only reduces the amount of overall water used during processing, but also ensures that any contaminants that are transferred into the water during the process do not re-contaminate the clean products.

The wet waste that goes through the Hydro Cleansing treatment plant leaves as a cake like product of dry solids. The clean water produced by the process is then used to wash out vehicles, to fill our jetting units and the spray bars on our sweepers, making the whole process a closed re-use/recycle loop.

Hydro Cleansing provide weighbridge tickets, duty of care certificates and EA notes.

Our prices are competitive and being based in Croydon the travel time to tip is significantly reduced. Turnaround in the yard is fast and efficient, getting your vehicles back to work as fast as possible.

Please call on 0800 740 8888 or 020 8689 3339 for pricing take advantage of our live chat facility with an experienced account manager.