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Hydro Cleansing London's Drain, Sewer and Road Sweeper Experts

Get an immediate response with professional drainage solutions from Hydro Cleansing Limited.
Driven by a passionate and motivated team, Hydro Cleansing has grown over the years to face the new challenges presented by a continually expanding and largely populated city.

We keep London and the South East of England moving and free from flooding and pollution with a wide range of professional drainage and environmental solutions for the commercial, construction, retail, industrial and manufacturing industries.

Complete environmental services

At Hydro Cleansing we are equipped to provide a fast, responsive and highly effective environmental service for any need, whether it's a large-scale hydro-demolition excavation or a blocked drain in London.

Wherever an issue arises - in a small shop, a school, in an office block, hospitals or pumping stations - we're on call with our immediate London-wide response.

Professional drain unblocking across Greater London and the South East

We're revolutionary in our field, and driven by passion and expertise. Our team is committed to providing exceptional industrial and environmental services which meet the most challenging environmental issues.

We want to be the very best, and we continue to invest in new, innovative technologies and in the continued training and development of our workforce to deliver safe and accurate drainage surveys, efficient cleaning and maintenance and fast drain unblocking throughout London.

To find out more about our complete range of services, stay free from flooding and pollution and get an immediate response - call us on 0800 740 8888 and speak to us today!

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