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Megatron was the first of our new Mega Fleet allowing us to provide services at previously unknown levels, dramatically maximising our efficiency and productivity to ensure construction sites get back on track faster than with any other tanker fleet. With a 22,500 litres capacity tank (larger than any competitor), we can remove vast amounts of waste at extensive depths and distances. Scania describes this vehicle as the most powerful vacuum tanker in Europe on the largest chassis ever built. It has the capability of cutting through dense materials, such as concrete, an extremely effective and environmentally friendly method of demolition and excavation regularly employed on construction sites. Its ability to recycle the water vacuumed into its system, to be reused for the jets, means that it never runs out of water and can continuously remain onsite. It can collect, cleanse and distil mainline sewers, sludge tanks, fat traps and tunnels in the most densely built up areas.


22,500 ltr


4000 psi


6000 cfm

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