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Water Supply

Hydro Cleansing offers water supply services to festivals, events, construction, manufacturing, and swimming pools on same day or in the future. We offer water tanker supply services on a long or short-term basis, as well as bowser and static tank hire, bulk water delivery and soakaway testing. Call us today and get an immediate response from our experts.

Portable Water Services

Our bulk water delivery can be supplied in operational emergency circumstances or during planned shutdown on a construction site or roadworks. Hydro Cleansing offers portable water services for sewage treatment that requires little maintenance or in areas that require disaster relief and other off-grid water treatment environments that may require a temporary solution.

Tanker Water Supply

Hydro Cleansing provides state-of-the-art tankers that supply water, including bulk water delivery and supply on a long or short term basis. Megatron and Terminator, our flagship vehicles have the ability to recycle the water vacuumed into its system, to be reused for the jets which means that it never runs out of water and can continuously remain on-site during a planned shutdown.

Portable Toilets

Hydro Cleansing provides a wide variety of portable toilet options. Our portable chemical toilets include flushing and hand wash facilities as standard. Our toilet facilities are ideal for any event including sporting events, concerts, and festivals.

If this is an Emergency, Please Call us at 0800 740 8888