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Hydro Cleansing is experienced in removing and disposing of large liquid waste from festivals, events, construction, manufacturing and athletic buildings such as swimming pools. We specialise in the removal of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid and manage the disposal of concrete slurry, interceptors as well as sewage and oily water. Our experts determine the type of waste in order to make an effective plan known as a ‘Risk and Method Statement’ (RAMS). Once agreed, we execute the plan to move the waste using a suitable transportation vehicle to dispose of it appropriately. Finally, the waste is tipped at a licensed facility that is permitted to process or recycle that particular type of waste according to its EWC code.

Fuel And Oil Tank Removal

Hydro Cleansing removes old oil, fuel and cleans old tanks from sewage and oily water. Our trained experts safely remove sewage and oily water using a welfare unit. We have a duty of care to collect and dispose of old tanks to the current guidelines.

Ground Water Removal / Detwatering

Our expert team provides specialised pumping equipment to remove ground water and dispose of it using our fleet of powerful tankers and onsite wastewater treatment plant.

Pond Water Removal

Hydro Cleansing’s specialists have over 15 years of experience in pond cleaning services. Our maintenance specialists are qualified in foliage and debris removal as well as silt and sludge removal. Contact us today to find out how we can improve the quality of water in your pond.

Fatberg Removal

At HCL we have a team of fully qualified drain, sewer and confined space engineers who are experienced with removing fatbergs from drainage systems and sewers. Our specialist team works with industry regulators to inform and educate on the correct waste disposal process, and advise on the legal obligations for firms who handle FOGS (fat, oil & grease). Once they have grown to a substantial size, fatbergs can be extremely difficult to remove. Hydro Cleansing's powerful super combination tankers jet at 4,000psi, allowing us to break down the fatberg and safely remove the waste. Megatron's on board recycling system allows us to filter out water which can then be re-used for jetting, meaning we can stay on site for a longer period of time than competitor vehicles.

If this is an Emergency, Please Call us at 0800 740 8888