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About Hydro Cleansing

At Hydro Cleansing (HCL), our company’s motto is 'Job Done' and for a good reason. We pride ourselves on providing unmatched intelligent solutions for environmental services, including liquid waste removal, tanker hire, drain unblocking and cleaning, in London and the South East of England.

As a company, HCL firmly believes in the importance of the environment and ensuring that all business achieved within our workstream is 100% sustainable. HCL conducts each operation to the best environmental practices, and implements the 14001 Environmental Management System, to continually improve our services, prevent pollution, and uphold sustainability measures.

Established in 2000, HCL grew exponentially due to our innovative approach to problem-solving and competitive service.

We are proud to offer our bespoke environmental services faster and more efficiently than any of our competitors.

HCL operates a bespoke fleet of vehicles, which have been designed and built to offer a solution to every challenge in the Industrial & Environmental Wet Waste sector. This allows us to carry out various highly specialised works, that otherwise would not be possible or would ordinarily take extended periods.

As an organisation, HCL consistently trains and develops the skills and knowledge of our staff, to ensure that our knowledge pool, expertise and proficiency at HCL, are relevant and optimised.

HCL’s work helps to care for the environment and reduce the impact on the sewage infrastructure, through the cleaning of culverts, and waterways, and the cleaning and maintenance of the sewage system.

To find out more about the innovative services, that ultimately could be made bespoke for your individual requirements, Contact HCL today!

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