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At Hydro Cleansing (HCL), we are dedicated to providing intelligent and sustainable solutions for environmental services in London and the South East of England. Our services include liquid waste removal, tanker hire, drain unblocking and cleaning, all of which are conducted with a commitment to the best environmental practices. Our company motto, "Job Done," reflects our dedication to completing each task to the highest standard.
HCL was founded in 2000 and has since grown significantly due to our innovative approach to problem-solving and competitive service. We are committed to upholding sustainability measures and implementing the 14001 Environmental Management System to continually improve our services and prevent pollution. At HCL, we believe in the importance of the environment and strive to ensure that all of our business is 100% sustainable.

HCL operates a bespoke fleet of vehicles, which have been designed and built to offer a solution to every challenge in the Industrial & Environmental Wet Waste sector. This allows us to carry out various highly specialised works, that otherwise would not be possible or would ordinarily take extended periods.

HCL’s work helps to care for the environment and reduce the impact on the sewage infrastructure, through the cleaning of culverts, and waterways, and the cleaning and maintenance of the sewage system.

Established in 2000, HCL grew exponentially due to our innovative approach to problem-solving and competitive service.

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Our fleet of vehicles has been developed to accommodate and showcase the best technological advancements in the industry, so regardless of the size or nature of the job, our fleet never fails. From residential properties and commercial buildings to industrial construction sites and mainline sewerage systems, HCL has the right vehicle to perform any job across any sector, more efficiently and cost-effectively than our competitors.

Our HCL fleet is just a call away from environmental emergencies and drainage services. We offer a 24/7, 365-day-a-year free call-out service.

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Our account managers have a combined 45 years experience in the industry

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