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jetting vans

Jetting Vans

Hydro Cleansing Limited's mega fleet encompasses a full range of high-pressure water jetting technology, tooling, accessories, ancillary equipment, and capabilities. Our vans support the lower pressure options available. But do not be fooled, the on-board jetting systems can clear everything from a basic sink blockage all the way up to main drains.


100 metres


4500 psi


90 Gallons

Jetting Vans

HCL’s jetting van services are carried out by fully trained and certified operators, who have extensive experience using high pressure water hydro jetting systems to perform a number of tasks. This method has a jetting capability of up to 4500 psi and offers a number of advantages; it is faster, more flexible and environmentally friendly as it uses low volumes of water and does not use any potentially corrosive or hazardous chemicals.

It is dust free and dramatically reduces waste stream, which means that operations can easily continue adjacent to water jetting systems, which in the long run, ensures that downtime and costs are kept to a minimum. We also recover and vacuum any waste water, drilling slurry and effluent materials in our tankers. This enables us to provide the most comprehensive service possible.