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Whether it’s a simple welfare unit or a full confined space unit team, the working order of your site and the speed and accuracy of critical works ensures costly delays are avoided. Hydro Cleansing's knowledgeable operatives provide support regardless of the complexity of the problem with fully compliant legislation.

Confined Space

Dealing with combined spaces requires an expert team. Our trained engineers operate with a top man, providing a supervisory role and holding responsibility for leading the project above ground. Our support team writes RAMS, procure the insurance, ensure the right training is employed as well as providing permits and licenses.

Consulting Services

Hydro Cleansing has over 20 years of experience serving London and the South-East area and a combined experience of over 65 years. Our environmental consultancy services help our clients save time, prevent inconvenience and reduce hidden expenses. We help you plan, organise and develop everything from early stage planning to servicing brownfield development.

Pre-planned Maintenance Solutions

At Hydro Cleansing we provide local, professional commercial PPM solutions aimed to reduce your downtime and costs. We plan, track and measure maintenance tasks for both planned and emergency maintenance. The major advantage to employing a pre-planned maintenance is that it saves your company time and reduces emergencies and reactive maintenance that is inevitably time-consuming and stress inducing.

Interceptor PPG Inspection

Hydro Cleansing follows Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs) that are based on relevant legislation and reflect current good practice. Our service engineers are fully aware of the appropriate site requirements to comply with, and are inspected regularly with six monthly interceptor auditing.

Percolation Testing

Hydro Cleansing's engineers are adept at carrying out crucial percolation tests for new and existing soakaway systems. We complete three mandatory tests to assess each individual site, including protection from groundwater sources and contamination, and Trial Site Assessment Hole (TSAH) to determine the position of the groundwater table.

Welfare Units

For over 20 years, Hydro Cleansing has been the market leader in providing comprehensive construction site welfare services. We provide welfare facilities for construction work and temporary sites with changing rooms and secure lockers for crews that involve four or more engineers.

HCL Support Vehicle - Helping the Homeless

Hydro Cleansing helping homeless people during harsh weather conditions. We successfully fed and provided warm clothing to over 100 homeless people in London.

If this is an Emergency, Please Call us at 0800 740 8888