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Articulated / Bulk Tankers

Hydro Cleansing Limited's specialised fleet of articulated bulk tankers have capacity of up to 27,000 litres on a single load providing efficiency for a huge variety of industrial and environmental services. Their immense capacity means that HCL are able to complete projects as efficiently and quickly as possible, saving our clients downtime, disruption and money. The articulation allows us to deposit the tanker as required at either end of the removal process and to use a single rig to maintain a continual presence on site with minimal changeovers. All tankers are equipped with vacuum pumps with a power range of up to 1,000 cfm (cubic foot per minute), allowing them to extract liquid waste at distances of over 100 metres, meaning all work is completed as effectively and efficiently as possible.


27,000 ltr


2500 psi


1000 cfm

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