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Welfare Units

Hydro Cleansing Limited are committed to providing the best possible working environment and service we can. With this in mind, for any projects which are anticipated to involve crews of four or more engineers, we will utilise our 'Emergency Incident Support Unit'. We recognise our responsibility to provide areas of comfort, heat, toilets and clean facilities for our engineers whilst working on large projects. By providing these amenities, we are able to generate an environment which promotes good morale within the team where they are able to work to the best of their ability. We understand that during projects, clients do not appreciate workmen in and out of their homes, shops or offices using their facilities, especially if they have been working with wastes and oils. With the use of this facility, we can provide our clients with a professional and efficient service, with minimal disruption to their everyday daily routines. The use of this unit has provided sites with an organised and ordered environment, conducive for achieving maximum productivity. This unit is available for hire separately.


Toilets, Washing facilities, Shower, Locker facilities, Sleeping areas, Kitchen facilities.


This unit has a built in 15kVA generator giving a constant supply of heat and hot water to the showers and built in changing rooms with a clean area, dirty area and contaminated area.


Equipped with a working area for engineering work on site, such as installation of pump stations and other mechanical installations.

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