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AD Tank Cleaning

Hydro Cleansing’s Anaerobic Digestion Tank Cleaning service ensures that our commitment to health and safety is maintained, with our high standards of site-specific risk assessments being carried out, prior to the commencement of any tank cleaning work. Our tank cleaning service covers storage tanks, digestion tanks and post digestion tanks, as well as any pipes and drainage systems. Hydro Cleansing has more than 10 years’ experience in operation and maintenance of storage silos and Anaerobic DigestorsAD Tank Cleaning, and currently provides more than 15 anaerobic digestion units with this type of service, i.e. just over 15% of the English on-farm anaerobic digestion market.

Confined Space

Confined space working, inside any tank, is paramount to the safety of the individuals working inside the hostile environment. HCL has implemented numerous bespoke pieces of equipment ranging from all-in-one flotation suits, reinforced using Fire Bridge technology which has been proven and tested for the safety of the operatives. This is worn when working alongside the high vacuum recovery and water, which breaks up the undesirable waste in readiness for transportation.

Waste Removal

The removal of any waste is the key to the operation of tank cleaning, synchronising vehicles for strategic loading, whilst the cleaning operation is being undertaken. The waste is liquidised into a manageable thixotropic state. This allows transportation to the awaiting road haulage units, for the material to be transferred to a waste treatment plant.


HCL, through extensive innovation, has devised several specialist transportation units, combining the synergy between the power units and the road units. This enables the units to load quicker, safer, and more efficiently, without the possibility of environmental pollution; with the lorries having the additional 1000 CFM suction and 6-inch inlet and outlet valves.

Waste Treatment Plant

HCL has many licensed waste facilities positioned around the country, accepting various assortments of waste with differing EWC codes, and reducing unnecessary transportation. HCL also owns and operates a waste treatment facility, accepting different mixtures of waste; separating the material, and reducing landfill by 99.1% with various EWC codes.

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