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Road Sweeper Hire

We offer road sweeping services for any occasion inlciuding high street festivals and events on runways, racetracks, stadium and construction sites. We also provide road sweepers for retailers and shopping centres. Our diversity of services are available 24/7 to take care of your sweping needs.

Construction Sites

Compliant Road Sweepers on Construction Sites

Hydro Cleansing often visits construction sites in the UK's Southeast. Street Sweepers are often required to remain compliant with waste management regulations. Hydro Cleansing makes it easy to be compliant with the Environment Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991. Our Mega Sweep has a powerful 1,500 litre stainless steel water tank that is capable of collecting high volumes of sweeper waste. Hydro Cleansing then removes this waste and brings it back to our own Wet Waste Recycling plant, where it is recycled into usable material.


Highways and Road Sweepers

Our sweepers are employed on some of Britain’s busiest motorways such as the Essex highways and Kent highways to ensure roads are well maintained and clear to maintain good traffic flow. Our vehicles meet the Euro 6 Emission Standards regulations and are fully equipped to service highways with regular maintenance as well as provide specialist vehicles for emergency incidents that require urgent callouts.

Stadium and Arenas

Stadiums and other Arenas

Pre and post-event stadium cleaning can prove to be an enormous task due to the sheer size of stadiums, layout, access problems as well as drainage. Maintaining the good hygiene and cleanliness of a stadium will uphold your business reputation and help towards a positive customer experience, potentially bringing in new and repeat customers. HCL has vast experience in stadium sweeping, our experienced staff and flagship road sweepers deliver the best most detailed cleaning services, capable of handling events of any size such as football stadiums.

Car Parks

Car Park Sweeper

By using state-of-the-art technology, combined with years of experience in car park cleaning, Hydro Cleansing can breathe new life into your tired-looking car park. Our advanced road sweepers are operated by highly trained professional drivers, specially trained to remove dust, debris, and rubbish from car parks and forecourts. We provide powerful, safe, and environmental cleaning services to demolition sites, housing developments, roads, landfill sites, and car parks in the form of road sweeping and leaf collection through our powerful vacuum sweepers.

Commercial property and Warehouses

Small and Mini Sweeper

The best machine for the task will depend on the size, dust levels, aisle width, and final results you are trying to achieve. For jobs where Mega Sweep won't fit - we have Mini Sweep. Mini Sweep is a ride-on smaller mini sweeper which keeps your floor clean, and free of dust, debris, and other rubbish. Regardless of the warehouse or commercial property, we have the advanced capability and know-how in providing Road Sweeper Solutions to them all.

Road Sweeper

Let us introduce you to Mega Sweep, our road sweeper truck with a 1,500-litre stainless steel water tank and a 6.4 cubic metre steel hopper to allow us to collect large volumes of waste to handle any event size. Our street sweeper fleet can handle debris on motorways during construction or operation, as well as the small, urban backstreets of London. We’re proud to say our Mega Sweep fleet maintains car parks for major retailers and works for large-name events in the UK. 


At 18 tonne fully loaded, our high volume hopper can operate on the road for much longer periods of time without having to dispose of waste.

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