13 Strange Things Found in the Sewer


If you go down to the woods today…” yep, we got the wrong song there but seriously, if you went down to the sewers you might just find something incredibly bizarre.

Sit back and hold on tight while we explore 15 funny things found in sewers around the world.

Nagano - Japan

A sewage plant in Japan's Nagano prefecture has started mining gold from sludge, earning a cool 5 million yen ($56,000) in its first month of operation.

On January 28, sewage plant operator Nagano Prefecture Suwa Construction Office announced that approximately 1.9 kilograms (4.2 lbs) of gold can be mined from each ton of molten fly ash generated when incinerating sludge at its facility in the town of Suwa.

Located in central Nagano prefecture, the Suwa Basin is home to numerous precision machining companies, metal plating facilities and hot springs, which may explain the high concentration of gold in the wastewater sludge.


Luxury Watches
Essex - UK 

A man who found a Rolex watch in a drain in Essex has told police he has discovered a second one. Arron Large, 28, from Rayleigh, Essex, found a £21,000 18-carat gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph, near Chalkwell railway station


London - UK 

A 250-metre long fatberg weighing 130 tonnes has been found blocking a sewer.

The solid mass of congealed fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil and condoms formed in the Victorian-era tunnel in Whitechapel, London.

Thames Water described it as one of the largest it had seen and said it would take three weeks to remove.

The company's head of waste networks Matt Rimmer said: "It's a total monster and takes a lot of manpower and machinery to remove as it's set hard."


Texas - USA 

Sewer alligator stories date back to the late 1920s and early 1930s; in most instances, they are part of a contemporary legend. They are based upon reports of alligator sightings in rather unorthodox locations, in particular New York City.

The New York Times reports the city rescues 100 alligators per year, some directly from homes where they are kept as illegal pets (which can be legally ordered online in other states and are legal to mail when small), and some from outside (where they can attract considerable attention) though mostly above-ground

Surrey - UK

When a routine sewer check was carried out in Surrey, something unexpected was found – a live sheep was discovered happily roaming around.

Luckily, it was the only adventurous sheep in its herd as it was found quite alone.

Fujian Province - China 

A farmer in Fujian Province spent four days searching for his missing cow - only to discover she'd somehow made her way into the sewers under his village.
Locals had been mystified by the sound of mooing coming up from the ground.

Animal lovers kept her busy with handfuls of grass until its owner surnamed Sheng could set up a makeshift winch to haul her back to the surface.

"She didn't seem upset by her ordeal," said a local surnamed Wang, 48. "As soon as they cut her free she found a patch of grass and started grazing."


Jaw Bone 
Edmonton - Canada

Canadian workers have unearthed large dinosaur bones while digging a sewer tunnel in the city of Edmonton.

A tooth and limb bone, which experts believe belong to the Albertosaurus and the Edmontosaurus species, were found by drainage crews in the Quesnell Heights neighbourhood


Palermo -  Italy

A total of 77 cannabis plants were found growing in the tunnels beneath the Sicilian capital, cultivated by a heating system, lights and an air conditioner to provide the plants with an ideal microclimate.

Half a Mini
London - UK

Yes, you heard that right, well... half of one to be exact! In 2014, during a widespread clearout of the London sewer systems, one of the lines was clogged by half a Mini Cooper.
When it was removed, Thames Water stated that it was in terrible condition, claiming it could be decades old.
How did it end up there? Nobody seems to know!


Hand Grenades
London - UK

"One time a guy found a hand grenade at 2 am. He said: 'I think that's a hand grenade' and handed it to me.
"I took it out of the sewer and put it down on the bank, put a guide by it and called the police. Then we got back on with our work.

“Later the police said to me 'were you the guy that found the hand grenade?' I asked if it was "LIVE” and they said 'you don't really want to know that."


Motocross Bike 
Trent - UK

From a village in the United Kingdom, Trent, council workers managed to extract a motocross bike from the sewers.


Pink Bicycle
Scotland - UK

Last year Scottish Water, which provides water and sewerage services in Scotland, said that it had dealt with nearly 40,000 blockages in the drains and sewer network.
The pink ladies bicycle was found in a sewer in Scotland.

Among the other items that were found blocking the sewers were, nappies, baby wipes, a pink ladies bicycle, a fax machine, jeans, mobile phones, false teeth, pants, toy action figures and a snake!


Dinosaur Fossils
Alberta -Canada

Last August, Edmonton city construction workers were digging a new sewer tunnel when they discovered dinosaur bones!

My fellow ankylosaur worker Mike Burns, and Don Brinkman from the Royal Tyrrell Museum helped out at the site for about two weeks, excavating bits and pieces of Edmontosaurus and Albertosaurus. In particular, some awfully nice Albertosaurus teeth were found.