Case Study: CCTV Survey of Confined Space Cleaning



A client in Surrey contacted Hydro-cleansing for a thorough cleaning and survey of their chambers. The job required the team to empty three drainages located at the Fairfield Avenue Junction of Moormede Crescent. 

Drainage maintenance is necessary in order to keep the sewer lines clear and avoid blockages in the water supply lines. Neglecting this could result in serious health issues caused by unsanitary water. Hydro-Cleansing has made sure to follow all the necessary measurements to provide an effective and efficient job. 

Equipment Used

Super Combination Unit - HCL's Combination Unit is built with a reverse cycle facility which allows the tanker to collect and dispose of waste within the tanker, all while working on site. 

CCTV Drainage Survey Unit - HCL's own remote-controlled CCTV robot is designed to inspect pipes to record and report the condition of drainage networks. 


Our client requested a thorough inspection and cleaning of the drainage to remove any waste and dispose of it. 

During the operation, a super combination tanker with a holding capacity of 14,000 litres and a suction power of 4000 cfm was used to remove solid waste using a high vacuum recovery system and to jet the draining. Our confined space team proceeded with two team members entering the chamber to assist with the cleaning. All the chambers were surveyed by CCTV so that our team and the customer could better look at the problems within the pipes. The two units used for the job are both capable of delivering 100% satisfactory results in an efficient manner. As part of our service, we dispose of waste at designated recycling facilities, so it's convenient for our customers. 

Please take a look at the video we posted below to see how we solved the problem. Call us for more information or to book on 08007408888

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