Case Study: Cesspit Removal at Berkley House

Cesspit Vs Cesspool: What is a Cesspool?

A cesspit can also be known as a cesspool. They are two words used to the refer to the same thing. A cesspit or a cesspool is a watertight holding tank for sewage, with no outlet for regular emptying. This means they require professional emptying. We will use the words cesspit and cesspool interchangeably.

The Customer’s Cesspool Problems

A client at Berkley Homes contacted Hydro Cleansing for cesspit emptying services at one of their properties. The waste water was returned to Hydro Cleansing's Wet Waste Recycling Facility where we ensured that 100% of the waste received sewage treatment and was turned into reusable materials.

The waste water collected in the cesspit, or the cesspool, needs to be pumped or removed on a periodic basis. This is because as the solid materials that don't get discharged through the drainage field continue to build up, the cesspit tank will start to overflow. As a result, this can lead to an emergency sewage backup. Hydro Cleansing has ensured that proper maintenance has been carried out and the community is protected. 

Cesspit Emptying Tanker

Bulk tanker - Hydro Cleansing's white beast removes liquid waste from the scene and transports it for correct processing and recycling. This cesspit emptying tanker capacity is up to 4,000 gallons of liquid waste.

Our Cesspool Solution

Our client, Berkley Homes, requested that we remove and dispose of all the waste water from their cesspits. Hydro Cleansing facilitates the wet waste disposal and waste water treatment. For this job, we sent out our expert team with our multifunctioning bulk tanker that can hold 4,000 gallons (18,000 liters) of liquid waste. The high-pressure water jets on this vehicle guarantee effective cleaning of surfaces and unclogging of drains. This unit is capable of handling silt, liquid waste, and debris from deep soakaways, culverts, wet wells, digesters, cesspits, and holding tanks. 

As part of other services, we deliver water and transfer liquids between parts of a site. Engineers handle the vehicle with expertise professionalism and friendliness. The expertise and experience of our bulk tanker operators ensure that we can provide you with the most efficient possible service.

Take a look at the video we posted below to see how we solve the problem. Call us for more information or to book on 08007408888

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