Case Study: Clearing Residential Roadside Drain Blockages


Hydro Cleansing Ltd (HCL) received an urgent request to address a critical drainage issue – The roadside drains were heavily clogged with leaves and silt, posing a potential flood risk to the nearby residential area.


Equipment Used

To tackle this challenge, HCL team deployed our specialised combination unit, designed for intricate projects involving mainline sewer cleaning and maintenance. This versatile equipment employs a multi-functioning system, utilising both high-pressure water jetting and a high-powered vacuum unit concurrently. This unique method allows simultaneous application of pressure and suction, effectively clearing blockages without exacerbating the risk of flooding.



Utilising the combined power of high-pressure water jetting and a powerful vacuum, our team skillfully operated the combination unit. With precision and efficiency, HCL team eliminated the obstructions caused by leaves and silt within the roadside drains. This sophisticated technology allowed us to prevent potential flooding while effectively managing the blockages.

Additionally, our combination unit's capability to handle large-scale cleaning projects proved instrumental. It efficiently vacuumed excess water and waste, ensuring a comprehensive cleanup while preventing any further environmental risks.


HCL's commitment to utilising advanced equipment and environmentally conscious techniques underscores our dedication to resolving complex drainage issues without compromising on environmental safety.

This case exemplifies HCL's proficiency in leveraging cutting-edge technology, such as our multi-functioning combination unit, to address intricate blockages and safeguard residential areas from potential flood risks.