Case Study: Comprehensive Pump Station and Interceptor Cleaning

Project Overview

HCL was tasked with the thorough cleaning and maintenance of a pump station and interceptor on site. The project aimed to prevent cross-contamination of waste and minimise disposal costs by utilising specialised equipment and techniques.

Scope of Work

  • Cleaning and servicing of the pump station to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Removal of accumulated liquid and wet waste from the interceptor to prevent blockages and maintain efficiency.
  • Implementation of measures to prevent cross-contamination and minimise disposal costs.

Equipment Utilised

Project Execution

Hydro-Cleansing executed the project with precision and expertise, employing a combination of specialised equipment and skilled personnel. The team implemented strict protocols to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the safe and effective removal of waste.


The pump station and interceptor were thoroughly cleaned and serviced, resulting in improved functionality and reduced risk of blockages. By utilising two tankers to prevent cross-contamination, Hydro-Cleansing successfully minimised disposal costs while adhering to environmental regulations.

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