Case Study: Construction Site CCTV Drainage Survey, Drain Cleaning, and Specialised Confined Space Solutions



A construction site in need of a comprehensive drainage solution reached out to Hydro Cleansing Ltd (HCL). The challenge lay in the foul mainline drainage system, requiring a meticulous CCTV survey and cleaning to ensure smooth operations and prevent potential issues like blockages and silting.


Equipment Used

Super Combination Unit (MEGATRON): HCL's Megatron, hailed as the most powerful vacuum tanker in Europe on an impressive Scania chassis, played a pivotal role. Its groundbreaking feature of recycling vacuumed water for continuous on-site jetting makes it an unparalleled solution for collecting, cleansing, and distilling in densely built areas.

CCTV Drainage Survey Unit: To guarantee a thorough assessment of the drainage system, HCL deployed its cutting-edge CCTV unit. This remote-controlled technology allows for in-depth inspections, recording, and reporting of drainage conditions.



The multifaceted solution implemented by HCL included:

Megatron Jetting: The Super Combination Unit, Megatron, with its unmatched water recycling capabilities, was instrumental in jetting to cleanse drain lines of silts and stones, ensuring optimal conditions for the subsequent CCTV Drain survey.

Confined Space Expertise: HCL's confined space team entered the access chamber, negotiating depths of up to 8 meters, assisting with equipment setup for a seamless operation.

CCTV Drain Survey: The CCTV unit conducted a comprehensive conditional survey of the drainage system, identifying potential issues and providing a clear picture of the overall health of the infrastructure.

Waste Disposal at HCL Treatment Plant: Orchestrated within a structured 10-hour depot-to-depot schedule, the project embraced on-site work and disposal. Crucially, HCL's waste found a sustainable home at its state-of-the-art Waste Treatment Plant, uniquely capable of processing over 100 tonnes of waste per hour. This commitment aligns with HCL's ethos of environmental responsibility, legally disposing of diverse wet and liquid waste.


Hydro Cleansing is one of the UK's leading Environmental Solution providers serving London and assuring all business within our workstream is fully sustainable. HCL conducts its own activities and operations in a manner that is aligned with sustainable environmental practices and follows the 14001 Environmental Management System to ensure sustainability, continuous improvement, and a pollution-free environment.