Case Study: Drainage Solutions for Construction Sites


In the dynamic environment of a construction site, effective drainage systems are paramount to prevent disruptions and maintain productivity. Recently, two drains on-site were experiencing significant water build-up, posing a risk of flooding and operational interruptions. Additionally, the surrounding gullies were accumulating silt waste, exacerbating the drainage issues.

Equipment Used

For the first shift, Hydro Cleansing Ltd (HCL) deployed a Combination Unit along with a Support Unit and 50m additional hose. This setup enabled the team to efficiently pump water from the affected drains, alleviating the risk of flooding and restoring proper drainage.

During the second shift, HCL's Super Combination Unit was utilized to tackle the silt waste issue. Equipped with advanced capabilities, including high-pressure water jetting and powerful vacuuming, this unit efficiently cleared the accumulated material from the gullies.


During the first shift, HCL's Combination Unit swiftly pumped water from the drains, preventing potential flooding and ensuring uninterrupted operations at the construction site. This proactive approach helped mitigate the risk of damage to infrastructure and equipment.

In the second shift, the Super Combination Unit effectively removed silt waste from the gullies. By employing a multi-functioning system, HCL efficiently cleared the accumulated material, restoring optimal drainage conditions and minimizing the risk of future blockages and disruptions.

Through the strategic deployment of advanced equipment and specialized expertise, Hydro Cleansing Ltd successfully addressed the drainage challenges on the construction site. By providing tailored solutions for waste removal and environmental management, HCL ensures the smooth operation of critical infrastructure, supporting the site's commitment to safety and efficiency.

As trusted contractors for various industrial sectors, including construction sites and manufacturing facilities, HCL continues to deliver reliable environmental solutions, safeguarding infrastructure and promoting sustainable practices in waste management.

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