Case Study: Fire Smoke Stains Removal



An Acid Attack on a car in Horley left a customer with fire damage to their property. The acid attack caused the car to catch fire which spread to the property’s fence and exterior. Extensive smoke stains need to be removed as conventional methods had proven unsuccessful. The customer requires the smoke damage to be removed, particularly needing façade cleaning and brick wall cleaning.

Equipment Used

  • Mega-Heat – Hydro Cleansings High-Temperature Van Mounted Jetting Unit
  • Working at Height Team
  • Scaffold


A customer reached out to Hydro Cleansing after an acid attack started a fire on their property. They had extensive fire/smoke damage stains that needed removal. Hydro Cleansing operatives first carried out a POWRA to correspond to the RAMs required for these works.

Hydro Cleansing's Mega-Heat was determined to be the right man for the job. Mega-Heat is an effective, environmentally friendly, non-chemical, high-pressure jetting service. Ideally suited for cleaning industrial machinery, sewage drainage systems, public areas, bridges, highways, subways and any construction site or work environment. Mega-Heat is tailored towards restoring brickwork to its original glory.

Alongside Mega-Heat, Hydro Cleansing also provided a specialised working at height team that assembled a scaffold around the property. Ensuring that all the hard-to-reach places on the building were cleaned. The Hydro Cleansing Engineers held

Mega-Heat utilised 3000 PSI and water temperatures of up to 105° Celsius to remove the stains made by fire damage. This power and heat combination allowed Mega-Heat to clean stains from the building.  

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