SHOCKED! Londoner Finds LARGEST Roman Mosaic Floor - In 50 YEARS

Liberty of Southwark, Discovery!

Two Roman mosaics with a total of 25,864 tesserae (individual tiles that make up the mosaic). Were they really counted? Only one way to find out... Try it for yourself

These two mosaics comprise the largest area of Roman mosaic discovered in London in more than 50 years;  Experts believe that the mosaic once adorned the floor of a triclinium, or formal Roman dining room, based on its size and complexity. 

 The room could have been part of a Roman mansion, a type of motel or waystation that catered to elite travellers by providing accommodation and lodging, it is belived that High-ranking Roman officials and other wealthy travelers probably rested at the site on their way in and out of Londinium. 

Founded around 50 C.E., the city became the largest in Roman Britannia and boasted a population of some 45,000 at its height around 120 C.E.