Storm Ciaran: How to Prepare & Get 24/7 Flood Response


The UK Met Office has forecast that a storm, named Storm Ciaran, is heading for the south of England. This guide will take you through the latest news, what to expect, how to prepare as best you can and when to use expert flood response services during or after a storm.

What is Storm Ciaran?

Storm Ciaran is a storm forecast to batter the UK on the 1st and 2nd of November 2023. It is predicted to bring 80-90pmh winds and up to 60mm of rainfall. This comes after many days and weeks of relentless rainfall across the whole of the UK throughout the month of October. Forecasters have warned the storm is very likely to lead to floods.

Where is Storm Ciaran Going to Hit?

Storm Ciaran is predicted to hit the south coast of England, as well as Wales and some parts of Northern Ireland. The worst of the rain is set to hit the southern and western parts of the UK.

Will Storm Ciaran Hit London?

Yes, Storm Ciaran is forecast to affect London. Currently, the Met Office has put yellow rain warnings in place for London. This warning stretches from Wednesday 1st November to Thursday 2nd November. Londoners have been warned of potential damage to properties, which can happen when we see these high speed winds. 

How to Prepare for a Storm

Preparing for a storm and the resulting floods, can go some way to mitigating threats to life and potential damage to homes and businesses. There were 184 deaths due to UK storms between 1962 and 1995, so preparation should be taken very seriously.

Here are some steps you can take to prepare for the worst:

Secure or pack away loose outdoor objects. Examples include furniture, wheelie bins, small plant pots. If you’re a business with an office or shop, ensure windows and doors are shut and securely fastened, as well as outdoor seating/awnings tucked away.

Communicate with others you live with or work with. Check in with family, housemates or your colleagues/employees to make sure everyone knows to avoid travel at all costs on the day of a storm. Try to ensure you have made any essential trips for provisions such as food, before the storm arrives. Business owners should realistically arrange to close any physical locations to protect staff.

Try to park vehicles away from any trees, walls or fences that could fall in the high winds. Businesses with a high number of vehicles should take precautions and park vehicles in any available indoor space, if at all possible.

Check your insurance policy. If the worst does happen and you sustain damage to your property or car as a result of the storm, don’t panic and check to find out what your home insurance policy or car insurance policy covers for storm damage. 

Save emergency service contact details to your phone before the storm hits. Add our emergency flood response number to your contacts now, and we can assist you ASAP if your home, business or street has begun to flood: 0800 740 8888.

What To Do in a Flood

The key thing is to not panic, as there are emergency services available to you. If flood water starts entering your home or business, evacuate immediately if this is possible. If not, stay calm and make your way to higher ground. Always keep a means of communication on you, such as a mobile phone. 

Be mindful of electrical appliances. If you have time to react when flood water first enters the premises, try to disconnect utilities and appliances. 

Emergency Flood Services

Hydro Cleansing offer a 24/7 flood response service. Call us immediately on 0800 740 8888. We can take care of flood water removal in a jiffy, with our water vacuum tankers. Our Bulk Tankers have the ability to remove huge amounts of water to help us provide a highly effective 24/7 emergency flood service.

Flood Restoration

If the damage to your home, business or street from flooding doesn’t warrant an emergency call-out, this can be an huge relief. However, don’t underestimate the damage that can be left behind by even a small flood. 

We can assist with flood restoration, to help return your home, business or street/communal area to a better condition. Check out our FAQs to find out a rough estimate for how much it costs to clear up a flood.


Call Hydro Cleansing’s team on 0800 740 8888 for emergency flood response, whether you’ve got a flooded house, basement, business, street or communal space. If you’re not in an emergency and are just looking to clean up after a flood, we can still help. There are sure to be more UK storms, and so it never hurts to be better prepared for next time. If you’re a business responsible for storm water drains, give us a call to find out how we can keep your drains in tip-top condition.