Think BIG. Act WILD! British Bison Back!

Bulls of the European bison, the largest land animal on the continent and once extinct in the wild, are now making a comeback thanks to reintroduction programmes being carried out all over the continent.

The CEO of Kent Wildlife Trust, Evan Bowen-Jones, stated that "restoring naturally functioning ecosystems is a key and affordable instrument in solving the climate catastrophe" (KWT). "We hope that Wilder Blean will usher in a new era of conservation in the UK. 

By depending less on human intervention and more on natural engineers like bison, wild boar, and beavers, we need to revolutionise the way we restore natural landscapes.

The herd's matriarch is an older female bison from Scotland's Highland Wildlife Park, and the other two are young females from Ireland's Fota Wildlife Park. One of the two new bison rangers hired by the project, Donovan Wright, commented, "We could not have wished for a nicer matriarch." She is " extremely calm," and "quite confident."

Maximizing genetic variation is crucial because all current 7,000 bison in Europe are descended from just 12 zoo animals, and the species is still considered fragile.


The People's Postcode Lottery provided the £1.1 million initiative with funding.