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Top 10 UK Jetting Units

To get you up to speed with the types of jetting machines available for your company, we’ve compiled a list of the best jetting units available on the market. Here’s our top ten based in the UK: 



The 7.5t RioCom JET VAC unit is a popular choice with drainage contractors and utility companies because of its ability to manoeuvre well in urban areas with limited access. 

The vehicle is considered a ULEZ compliant combi unit due to its PTO drive and uses a powerful Jurop PNR82 pump with a suction capacity of 1800 gpm and a high-pressure pump with a capacity of 2200 psi / 22 gpm.



The Rioned UrbanJet van pack jetter is ideal to use in 3.5-ton drain jetting vans and comes equipped with an industrial, water-cooled diesel or petrol engine to service pipes of up to 300mm.

 The jetters compact dimensions and hydraulically driven high-pressure water hose reel makes it a great option for use with compact drain jetting vans. 



If you’re looking for a jetting unit that can take on high-pressure work, the Unicom Standard Model by Rioned is great for suction cleaning work in city centres, the underground and multi-storey facilities as well as hard-to-reach areas. 

Its 1500 litre tank and 135° pivoting high-pressure hose reel make it suitable for unblocking house connections, sewers, grease traps and street wells too. 



The 2100 litre Suction Trailer from Rioned can be mounted to a trailer or to a customised subframe suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications. 

It comes with a steel tank that has been galvanised or sprayed with a pre-treatment to prevent corrosion – ideal for pumping out flooded basements, grease traps and septic tanks. 


HCL LTD – High Volume Jetvack Tanker 

HCL’s fleet includes a full range of water pressure jetting technology, tooling, accessories, ancillary equipment, and capability. 

There’s a variety of equipment available from small handheld units for clearing basic sink and toilet blockages through to HGV mounted systems for extensive hydro-demolition works and concrete excavation works as well as pumps for pumping flood water. 


Whale Tankers - High Volume JetVac

Innovators in the field, Whale Tankers focus their energy on dynamic solutions with jet vac tankers packed with plenty of features to improve operating inefficiencies and health and safety benefits.

The high-volume Jet-Vac is configured without an overhead boom, allowing it to focus on drain and sewer cleaning up to 600mm in diameter. 


Robojet- P50

Robojet’s P50 is well regarded as the ‘big boy’ of the jetting unit industry and typically comes in either 4000psi at 13gpm or 3000psi at 17 gpm. 

This powerful jetting unit is great for domestic and large commercial cleaning including large pipework, storm drains and culverts as well as surface cleaning and medium through to large bore pipework. 


Flowplant – MK400 series 

The MK4 series by Flowplant is a versatile mobile high-pressure water jetting unit that offers both a proven power pack and pump performance with a range of accessories. 

Stand out specs include a pressure capability of around 200 bar/3000psi at a flow of 13 gpm, the water-cooled diesel engine runs a 30-litre fuel tank and a standard tank for jetting water is a generous 390 Litres with options running to a massive 780 Litres.

The MK4 is designed for a range of different water jetting applications and can be used as a one-man operation ‘OMO’ if you require it. 


Wilks USA – TX850 Petrol Pressure Washer

For home use or onsite, the Wilks Petrol Pressure Washer provides professional, high-quality cleaning for every use. 

The TX850 model has a powerful 4800 PSI at 331 Bar from a Wilks 4-stroke OHV 450cc engine so you can finish huge jobs in half the time. The bonus? Its low fuel consumption keeps running costs to a minimum.


Sabre - EX12 DAF 1500 BAR 

At 55lt / min Euro 6 compliant for access to London and ULEZ

Sabre pride itself on providing quality high-pressure water jetting solutions and their fleet of four 1500 BAR tankers is no exception.

With an operational pressure of 1400-1500 BAR with a flow of 55lt / min. larger water tanks allow similar levels of productive time despite the increased flow.

The increase in pressure makes these units extremely valuable on projects with high volume breakouts where water is not available.

 All four of these tankers are Euro 5/6 and therefore able to travel into London."