Top 9 Vacuum Tankers

Vacuum Tankers make use of their powerful suction to clean up and remove all types of wet waste including water and sewage but with so many companies on the market, and so many models of vacuum tankers, which is best for your company? Find our top 10 vacuum tankers below:

Whale Tanker  - KAISER
The Kaiser Whale is well regarded in the UK industry as the leading specialised sewer cleaning solution for continuous dirty water recycling. Exclusively developed in partnership with Kaiser AG, the leading EU water recycling equipment, the Kaiser Whale provides huge operation benefits in specialist sewer cleaning. The tanker reuses dirty water for jetting which in turn maximises the time spent working and reduces time spent tapping into clean water supplies. 
Fuller Tankers UK - Fuller Recycler
Leading tanker manufacturers, Fuller Tankers specialise in custom-made recycler vehicles that work to each client's specific requirements. The comprehensive tankers range from semi-trailers, tank and bulk semi-trailers to container chassis and box trailers – all using the latest technologies. The recycler fleet of tankers uses a system with a low-speed intensifier which is hydraulically driven from the Main PTO.


Cappellotto - CAPRECYCLER 3200 MAX
With over half a century of experience, Cappellotto prides itself on the innovation and robustness of its tankers. Their powerful CAPRECYCLER 3200 MAX uses a recycling unit with a larger cyclone to improve water separation and five separate physical stages to its filtration process. Unlike the standard CAPRECYCLER 3200, the MAX is built with additional debris capacity and significantly improved performance.


Suction Excavation UK - 32-tonne VacEx
Suction Excavation UK runs one of the UK’s most powerful excavator units. Ideal for deep or long reach excavations, it equips an industry-leading 12m3 capacity skip which beats most competitors at just 9m3. Overall tipping times are greatly decreased with this powerful model and it makes light work of material of up to 250mm in diameter, as well as foreign objects.

HCL – Terminator Unit
Hydro Cleansing’s Flagship Vehicle. The Largest Custom Vacuum Tanker Chassis Ever Built By Scania UK The Most Powerful Vacuum Tanker In Europe At 12,000 Cfm Capable Of Offloading While Unloading Using A State-Of-The-Art Full Water Recycling And Jetting Facility Terminate Floods, Spills And Surface Water Faster. Large Volume 14000 Litres Capacity.


LMD Vacuum Excavation - 32 Ton Triple Fan trucks
LMD are uniquely qualified to solve your vacuum excavation problems. One of the UK’s most diverse fleets of vacuum tankers, their most powerful is their 32 ton Triple Fan fleet of trucks. The powerful tanker uses a triple fan unit to remove debris with the nozzle operator located at a distance of up to 150m from the truck unit.


Mammoth MTS Suction Systems UK - Dino 12 suction excavator
MTS Suction Systems UK Ltd are specialist providers of MTS Suction Excavation Systems used in the utility, civil, rail and construction markets. Their powerful Dino 12 suction excavators offer high performance, large capacity and excellent manoeuvrability in one machine. It has an 8x4 32-tonne chassis and benefits of larger spoil tank capacity up to 12m3 which reduces the number of tip-offs required and increased production rates.


STG – HDV 16000
Built with durability in mind, the STG HDV 16000 is a big player in the hydro-excavation industry. This tanker ticks all of the boxes with a high strength tank that has a working capacity of 16,000 litres of spoil and 5000 litres of onboard water allowing for the extended working duration. The spoil tank also contains three tank vibrators, allowing any spoil to be removed from the tank quickly and effortlessly.


MULLER – Helicopter Excavation Tanker
German brand Muller is a revolution in the sewer cleaning industry with their Helicopter fleet of tankers. The Helicopter model features a 360° rotation to bring the suction and jetting hoses into position simultaneously, as well as being able to reach areas of difficult accessibility. Both the suction and jetting hose work automatically whether rotating, extending in or out, lifting or lowering the boom.


Lanes Group – Ultra-High-Performance Vacuumation Unit
Registered waste management contractor, Lanes collects and disposes of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste, sludge and slurry from septic tanks, petrol interceptors, drains, and storage tanks using their high-performance vacuumation unit. The high-performance unit provides both planned and reactive services, including rapid emergency spill response for serious pollution incidents.