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Hydro Cleansing has 20 years’ of experience in operational maintenance services to drains, sewage, sewer surveys, and sewer line replacement. Our years of expertise in this area, is matched by resources capable of dealing with all kinds of sewer blockages and cleaning requirements.

We have the expertise and knowledge to provide ad hoc callouts and emergency responses, in addition to the regular sewage pumping station maintenance services we offer.

Hydro Cleansing has the expertise and experience to tackle any sewage pumping station, from the initial site inspection to successful completion.

cctv sewer inspection
At times, troubleshooting why a sewer system is not working as expected is not immediately obvious, making it difficult to gauge exactly what work is required. HCL offers CCTV sewer inspections to examine sewer pipes and provide the highest quality images of a detailed, up-close view with pinpoint precision pointing to the location of any issues within the sewer pipes.
sewer cleaning
We work closely with local authorities and offer a fully comprehensive service, cleaning and maintaining sewers to prevent anything from leaks to sewer blockages that could potentially cause stress to the sewer system. Hydro Cleansing has undertaken sewer cleaning and maintenance work for many clients, including hospitals, royal palaces (such as Hampton Court Palace) and a variety of government buildings.
sewer rehabilitation
Sewer rehabilitation is defined as the process of repairing, replacing or upgrading existing sewer pipelines by methods such as pipe relining, curing and sealing.HCL’s sewer rehabilitation service ensures that any damages to the sewer pipeline are repaired using the appropriate method for the best result.