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blocked garden drains

blocked garden drains

Blockages to external drains can occur at any time, however, they tend to occur mostly during autumn when the leaves from trees and shrubs and debris around your garden gather, coupled with heavy rain, and this material can then be flushed into the drainage system, which then creates a blockage.

What to do if my garden drain is blocked?

What to do if my garden drain is blocked?

Having a blocked drain is a particular annoyance for homeowners. This annoyance can very quickly turn to worry especially if you are not quite sure for how long the drain has been blocked. A garden drain blockage may not be obvious from early on, especially in the autumn and winter months when the garden is used less frequently. If a blockage is left for too long, it can easily back up and overflow without notice.

It is crucial that you inspect your drains on a regular basis, and for you to know what to do if your garden drain is blocked. HCL engineers are an expert team of drainage specialists that installs, repairs, cleans and unblocks drains inside and outside the home.

Get in touch with the HCL drains team today and be delighted with the results. Our highly trained and reliable drainage team can arrange to completely clear the problem and get your drainage issue fixed.

Clearing your Garden Drain:

Clearing a garden drain is not the easiest thing to do and usually requires the experts. If you feel you can attempt clearing the blockage yourself, remember to wear protective PPE such as thick long rubber gloves and goggles before attempting to do so.

  • Try to clear the blockage out manually.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar for minor problems.
  • If the above points do not work, then attempt to use drain rods.

Next Steps

If your attempt does not work, it is time for HCL. We have all the necessary tools and over 20 years’ experience in clearing blockages in drains and sewers. Let us get the job done for you.